Our name is founded on the latent capabilities of African countries and their institutions possess to transform and deliver sustainable value.

Who we are

AfriCap is a multi-disciplinary health and development consultancy firm based in Johannesburg, South Africa.

What we do

We engage policy makers and technocrats on the selection, design and implementation of business process solutions in health and community systems to assure the delivery of responsive and sustainable services.

In addition to national ownership and leadership; countries need strategic partnership in strengthening systems and developing sustainable and resilient institutions.  Africa needs institutions that work to deliver sustainable and responsive health and social welfare services.  Health, education and social welfare systems need an injection of country and continent-led and owned institutional reengineering processes that appreciate the unique strengths resident in each country.  In this regard, our core services will give strategic attention to institutional capacity and systems strengthening to fuel implementation of strategic plans and derived grants from the Global Fund and other sources.

We will work development partners in ways that appreciate national strengths and capabilities in the design and delivery of technical support solutions and packages.  We usher a paradigm shift in the way we work with national governments, decision-makers and their partners with a focused-based approach on four business pillars.

Four Business Pillars

crucial to ensuring the delivery of sustainable and responsive services

Evidence-led, consultative, multi-stakeholder-based strategic and operational planning.

Responsive and strong implementation capabilities, systems and national partnerships.

Policy, institutional and organizational reforms to reassert the core functions of key institutions in the public and social welfare sector.

Strategies, structures, systems, and skills aligned with our core functions.