Partnerships & Collaborations

AfriCap believes that working through close collaboration and partnership within its broader community of support providers places the organization at the forefront of knowledge and expertise of health and welfare development. We have established close relationships with preferred technical support providers on the basis of their expertise and experience. In addition, we work with independent consultants who share a similar vision of acknowledging the strengths of the client’s systems, frameworks and approaches and leveraging on them. The independent consultants also share similar professional and personal integrity based on respect for the client’s suggestions, discomforts and resolutions.

AfriCap acknowledges the crucial role played by Civil Society Organisations in service delivery at the community level as well as the unique challenges that they face. Most Civil Society Organisations require long-term organisational engagement which we have the capabilities to provide.  We are able to provide this engagement through proactive assessment of capacity of Civil Society Organisations that demonstrate a track record in the delivery of health, education and social welfare services at the community level.

People We Work With

AfriCap works closely with development partners who occupy a strategic space in the provision of technical and financial support to national governments, their institutions and civil society organisations. Development partners are considered pivotal in strengthening institutions, structures, skills and systems in the health, education and welfare sectors for effective service delivery. We believe that our approach can enhance the quality of the partnership and ensure that technical support is effective.